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C4 The Hotel good or bad?

Published: Jan 12, 2012 by John Filed under: Business News Views: 626 Tags: C4 The Hotel news opinion on the show
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The Channel 4 series The Hotel is certainly creating a talking point in Torbay, which has to be a good thing. People talking and putting their ideas out there to promote Torbay is a good thing Opinions will vary people will agree and, hopefully agree to disagree. The only outcome we would like to see is people working together to promote Torbay as the destination for tourists in the UK. As a matter of fact The Hotel had an audience of two million for the first episode. The Grosvenor Hotel had over thirty thousand hits on its website. If this proves nothing else it shows the relationship between a TV series on national television and the internet. We intend to be there every step of the way promoting Torbay. Our fist opinion piece is now live in the news section

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