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If you always do the same thing why would you expect a different outcome

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English Riviera TV Short version:

The programme might be over but English Riviera TV is staying online and will continue to promote Torbay in every way we can.  We are now offering workshops and master classes to those involved in all aspects of the business sector on how to make the most of online by being smarter than the rest.

English Riviera TV has shown we have the tools to get your business noticed and improve your business.  What we offer:

  • Above all smarter online marketing ideas
  • Video production (each one tailored for your business)
  • Audio production (podcasting)
  • QR code campaigns with full tracking, mobile websites, video streaming, audio downloads, surveys, competitions and coupons.  See
  • Master classes in on line marketing
  • Adwords campaigns that are smarter than most
  • And most importantly a distribution channel for all your online content. 
  • We believe that most businesses don’t need “creative” they need more business so we offer the total package from creating your offer to distributing it to the right people.

If you get it contact us here 

Longer version:

What a roller coaster ride The Hotel has been. For those that did not know the main reason we created English Riviera TV was to prove the point that smart online marketing not only works but is far more cost effective than just throwing money around and approaching destination marketing in the same way it has been done for the last decade. That approach does not work anymore.

 Even before the programme aired the tourism experts were saying this would be the death of tourism in Torbay. We disagreed. How can a one hour programme featured on prime time television showing how beautiful Torbay can look ever be classed as bad publicity? Our argument was that people watching the programme would then go online looking for more information about the hotel and Torbay and someone ought to be there, in video, to show them more. The hotel is on our doorstep recording would be relatively simple. How could you not “get it”?

Since the programme started we have seen a steady rise in traffic to English Riviera TV. We have spent zero money on advertising and just used the online skills we have to promote Torbay. This we can show works and wonder why so much money is being spent in other directions. Since we started we have had an open door policy offering the opportunity to those involved in tourism promotion and the council to be on camera. Only one person came forward, well done Mr Thomas (deputy mayor). The plan was having proved the point to go back to the day job. However we have made many friends along the way that not only believe in what we tried to do but supported us in many ways.

You know who you are and thank you. The result is English Rivera TV will continue. This will be a pain for some and fun for others, hope fully if you are reading this you will get involved.

Our first online marketing workshop was hailed a great success and we are now working on more specific master classes to help them to use smart online marketing techniques to improve their profits. 

That’s about it for now thanks for all the support and to the one man that made all this possible. Mark Jenkins we salute you. Mad as a box of frogs mind you ;)

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