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Our first sponsor (we are so chuffed)

Published: Jan 9, 2012 by John Filed under: Business News Views: 552 Tags: Harbour sports adverts marketing QR Code
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English Riviera TV is very proud and surprised to have its first major sponsor. As you would expect we have spared no expense on producing the commercial.
The script was crafted and shot in one minute and fifteen seconds. We are going to call these “One take commercials”

Harbour Sports have the finest selection of wetsuits and sporting gear with a special offer in the grocery aisle this week on corn. The Reverend AKA Frank is well known for his missionary work.
Helping to relieve the good folk of Torbay of cash for his fine and quality wares in the sports line. Some say he is big in rubber but we don’t know anything about that.
If you would like to sponsor English Riviera TV and see a huge uplift in your business, well maybe, contact us today. It could be the best 50K you ever invest in your business.
So without further interruptions let’s get going. Watch Now

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