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Why I think the Channel 4 series The Hotel is good for The English Riviera!

Published: Feb 21, 2012 by John Filed under: Business News
I don’t know whether you have watched the Channel 4 series The Hotel on Sunday evenings but if you have not then in my humble opinion you have missed a treat! Of course it is not for everyone and indeed some folk have been jumping up and down with rage claiming that is dragging down the image of The English Riviera. I take a more positive view and see it as a breath of fresh air across an increasingly dismal landscape.

First and foremost is the fact that it is a peak time programme televised as entertainment. The eight programmes track the summer season in a hotel that is fighting for survival in an unfriendly world. Anyone working in tourism these days the fact that the economy is flat, the summers have been bleak and footfall light is a given. As Chris de Burgh sings, “There is nothing quite so sad as a holiday resort in the rain!” But at The Grosvener a summer barbecue goes on despite torrential rain and soggy hot dogs seem to go down well. So British..........

The hotel owner manager is Mark Jenkins and his boundless energy is a tonic each week. Come rain or shine he is buoyant and always looking for new ways to make people happy. For him customer satisfaction is the most important thing. Keep in mind that all the guests have agreed to bedroom camera shots, being followed by a film crew and to take the rough with the smooth.
It is for many of them their five minutes of fame and a digital immortality.
Of course it is not a typical English Riviera hotel and has the look of a neo-Faulty Towers about it, which is doubtless the intention. There are folk who love that sort of hotel which is why it has, I gather, suddenly become fully booked! Others would not want to go anywhere near the place, but still head this way having looked at the area via the programme. One local four star hotel has reported bookings as a result of people watching the programme and seeing how attractive the English Riviera is!

So for me I think The Hotel is a wonderful programme for the English Riviera and brings a special sunlight all of its own. After all is said an done it is where Mr Tickle comes for his holiday! From The Herald Express

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